Sales Of Powdered Energy Drinks On The Rise For M2CGlobal

The energy drink industry, a billion dollar market in the U.S. has seen new players enter in the form of powdered energy drinks. M2CGlobal has proven themselves as one of the new strong leaders.

As more and more individuals are searching for a solution to boost their energy levels in the form of an energy drink, we are seeing more and more new comers enter the market. Walk into any corner store or grocery store and you we see an entire dedicated section of these high power energy drinks ready to fuel you for the day. You will even see these positioned right at the cash counter and power walls for the impulse convenient sale. Since Red Bulls introduction into the market place about 5 years ago, there have been many new drinks hit the shelves. Energy levels and sales have both hit the roof.

M2CGlobal entered the market with a powdered healthy energy drink called A.C.T. (Advanced Cellular Therapy). Since launching A.C.T. in April and just 36 weeks later, M2CGlobal has already sold over 3,000,000 portions. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that M2CGlobal has not sold any of these through a retail outlet but strictly over the internet through an ever increasing membership base of 150,000 people that buy directly from M2CGlobals manufacturing and distribution centre. It is expected that this membership base will grow to over 2 million by the end of 2006. Because there is no middle man, M2CGlobal is able to keep the cost down to around $1 per single serving pouch. No wonder sales are as high as the energy one gets from drinking this energy drink.

So whos consuming all these energy drinks? Carlos Fuentes of Puerto Rico says Everyone on our construction site is drinking one of the energy drinks everyday. It keeps up going all day long.

Many construction workers like Carlos rely on these energy drinks for their source of energy throughout their hard day at work.

Energy drinks have become very common for athletes before their events to give them that winning edge that just may make the difference between winning and losing. I take my energy drink an hour before my game as well as many of my teammates says Tony Cross of Miami Florida. I think that may be one of the reasons why we are on a winning streak this year.

Besides construction workers and athletes, others consuming these energy drinks include high school students, shift workers, security guards, bartenders, taxi drivers, truck drivers, heavy machine operators, office workers, assembly line workers and everyone else looking for that feel good extra energy boost from drinking their favorite energy drink.

With many people experiencing low energy levels throughout the day which is expected with todays hectic fast paced world, these energy drinks are providing the solution.

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