Is the Cheapest Web Host the Right One?

With so many companies offering web hosting services today, you’ll find that prices and features really vary. The same is true with things like customer service, which can be very good at some companies and almost non-existent at others.

Keep that in mind when you look for a company to host your site and domain name. Remember, though, that you don’t always get what you pay for. Some of the better companies for a lot of small business and personal site hosting are some of the less expensive ones. That’s generally because people who have these kinds of sites don’t need a lot of customer service interaction, so they don’t have to worry about whether they can reach someone at all hours of the day or night. Of course, you don’t want a cheap hosting company that absolutely doesn’t care at all about customer service. That’s a poor choice for anyone, because there won’t be anyone around to help you when you do need it.

You can avoid that pretty easily, though, by checking out what others have to say about a hosting company. Reviews are often mixed, but you can generally separate out realistic reviews from some of the snide comments and angry people who want to destroy a company’s reputation over one mistake. You can also ask a question of the hosting company through it’s email or contact form, and see how long it takes to get a response – and what kind of response you get.

These can be important factors. Often, the cheaper companies are just as good for smaller hosting issues than the more expensive ones. If you have a large, complex business with a large, complex website, things may be very different and you’ll want to look at the more expensive companies. They provide more features, but most of them are not needed by small companies.